wijaya kusuma

Wijaya Kusuma flower plants that are unique. In one year, only three flowering. Uniquely, Wijaya Kusuma flower blooms only two hours at night. Furthermore, this white flower bud again.
Initially, interest rates start moving sheath. Journalist and newspaper owner flowers start to sit near the known position of unique interest. At that time, three of the 16 interest rate rise is the perfect.

However, the interest rate rise is already starting menebar aroma sting the nose. Moment, feels aromanya fragrant. However, the longer aromanya the sting. In fact, claim to have the stomach a bit queasy. "How like the smell cambodia (interest)," said Andi.

When the show at 23:20 hours, three interest Wijaya Kusuma begin contract. Truly, the hard ditemui.Menurut Muin, himself almost 10 years to have the interest. Initially, a former marine and fishery kadis have these three trees. However, at this time a live tree. For, two of which are other people.

"One year, interest-bearing Wijaya Kusuma only three times. Typically, there are 13 to 19 flowers. But at this time there are only 16 pieces," he said.

Indeed, conditions appear different Wijaya Kusuma with interest in other places. Often, interest was minimal Wijaya Kusuma enter each flowering season.

According to Muin, patience in the treatment to be one of the many factors interest Wijaya Kusuma. "I never have to give fertilizer. Media land also changed regularly. We can always cut flowers that have been close," he said. (tra)
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